Realtime Scenario| Crisis

The Crisis Committee is sure to keep any delegate on their toes. The Crisis committee, by definition, is a small simulation that deals with an issue of immediate importance. The committee doesn’t have a certain ending as it does not impose set rules of how delegates need to respond to the issue - 10 different actions may create 10 completely different results. Thus, this committee involves everyone on a much deeper level by giving delegates instant challenges in the changing situation and the power to manage the process. It is recommended that a delegate have at least some experience with Model United Nations in the past. 


American Revolution 

SaintMUN’s joint crisis committee for this session is the American Revolutionary War of 1775, featuring two cabinets representing the Loyalist and Revolutionary leaderships respectively. Delegates will be assigned a historically accurate character and must pursue their interests and the interests of their faction in tandem. The committee will focus on the military, social, and political interactions of the war, as the revolutionary cabinet seeks to liberate itself from British oppression, and the loyalists look to remain a part of the empire. While the committee is historical, the direction of the crisis is determined by the actions of the delegates. This committee is recommended for delegates with experience in Model UN crisis simulations and those looking for more challenging and high-paced debate. 



Director: Harry Halem

Details Coming. 


Backroom: Oliver Roberts

Hi, I’m Oliver. I’m an incoming third-year honours in History. I joined MUN because I wanted a new experience that allows us to re-enact and explore events that have shaped the world. The different events allow for different skills to be practiced and new strategies in diplomacy to be tested, so its both challenging and fun wherther you’re experienced or a first-timer! I am also heavily involved in the University’s Investment Society and Union Debating Society.


Backroom: Alexander Brunner

Hi everyone, my name is Alex and I am a third year studying International Relations at the University of Saint Andrews. On campus you can find me reading textbooks or selling cupcakes outside the library for UNICEF. I have been involved in MUN for the past seven years, and I am looking forward to kicking off SaintMUN with a social that will be remembered for the ages.


Outside of academics and work you can find me being splashed by the waves on Lake Lochlore as I row along for the Saint Andrews Boat Club. I am also a die-hard basketball fan (Go Wizards!); I hope to learn about the growing fan base of Euroleague basketball during his time at Saint Andrews. 


British Cabinet Chair : Jess Reeve

Jess is a third year Economics and Politics student who has been doing MUN for over two years now. This will be her fifth Crisis and her first time chairing, and as a dual US-British national with a keen interest in American history she's particularly excited to see how this Crisis pans out. She's the Secretary-General for YorkMUN 2020 which consumes most of her free time, though she also enjoys travelling, bar crawls and occasionally studying for her degree. Her proudest Crisis achievement is murdering a 19th century antipope with poisoned vegetables.  

American Cabinet Chair : Max Dowden

Hello, my name is Max Dowden, and I’m a fourth year studying International Relations and Modern History, and will be chairing the American Committee of the American Revolution Crisis. This will be my fourth year chairing with SaintMUN, and as a native of Boston, Massachusetts I look forward to watching British oppression crumble across the 13 colonies. Can’t wait to meet everyone in October and get started!


Backroom: Joanne Reed

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Joanne is a final-year History and Politics student at the University of York who first got her taste for Crisis at DamMUN 2018. As a keen US Politics junkie and an American History enthusiast, she is particularly excited for this Crisis. She is the Deputy Secretary General of Personnel for YorkMUN 2020, and outside of MUN is passionate about tea, musicals and Drag Race.

Backroom: Jack Roush

Hey guys I'm Jack and I'm really excited to be apart of this crisis! I could not be more excited to be apart of such a fun and wholesome Crisis this year and I can't wait to welcome you all to St Andrews for SaintMUN this year! 

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