Disarmament and International Security | DISEC

The Disarmament and International Security committee is the First Committee of the UN General Assembly. This committee deals with matters of international peace, global security, disarmament, and the regulation of armaments with a specific focus on fostering and maintaining international stability. This year the committee will discuss the implications of climate refugees and migration on the security of UN member states in the near future as well as the rights and duties of governments in relation to advanced surveillance. This committee is best suited to newer delegates and those interested in topics of security and conflict resolution/prevention.


Climate Refugees

Even though the 2018 Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration represents a milestone in global migration management, this new treaty fails to explicitly tackle the issue of “climate refugees”. However, as the effects of climate change become more and more visible; experts envision people migrating in increasing numbers due to environmental factors whose number could easily topple that of traditional refugees in the upcoming decades. Therefore, the Disarmament and International Security Committee will consider the implications of “climate refugees” with regards to stability and international security and propose measures to prevent, mitigate and/or adapt to the arrival of environmental migrants.

Government Surveillance 

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Ákos Holányi,

I am a second-year Human Geography student at Durham University with a particular interest in geopolitics, nationalism and power dynamics within the EU. I discovered MUN last October, and since then, I have already participated in two British and one international conferences. Apart from study and MUN, I am active in student societies, fencing and folk dancing. This will be my first SaintMUN and my first time chairing, making this occasion all the more memorable! Will you contribute to it? We have some really interesting (geographical) topics on offer, so I hope to meet you in committee!


Johnny Sargent

Spending the last five years in MUN, as a delegate, chair, and secretariat member, including at prestigious conferences such as CUIMUN, ScotMUN, and WorldMUN, I have come to truly understand the maxim: MUN is fun – a spirit befitting a conference as exciting as SaintMUN. But, besides MUN and studying what some consider to be the “dismal science” – economics – at Edinburgh University, I also enjoy skiing, tennis, and cricket, and I’m a former Scottish figure skating champion! I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you soon in Saint Andrews!