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The International Olympic Committee is a non-governmental body responsible for the organization, management, and security of the Olympic Games. Having been in existence since 1894, this committee is one of the oldest running organizational bodies in modern athletics. This group will focus on the location of the 2026 Winter Olympics as well as the inclusion rules for new activities in the games. This committee is best selected for more experienced delegates and those with interest in sport and international athletics. 


Attack on Tokyo Crisis 

With 6 months to go until the Tokyo 2020 olympics, it becomes evident that its proximity to tectonic plates and increased seismic activity, the threat of a tsunami as a result of an earthquake could have disastrous consequences for the olympics, should it happen before or during the event. The IOC must convene to discuss whether the 2020 Olympics should be cancelled, take place in Tokyo anyway and risk the lives of millions of people, or can the committee find a suitable alternative?

Sustainability in the Olympics 

The construction of the Olympic stadium and the host of the Olympic game brings economic income, developing tourism, raising international awareness of the country, the culture, as well as creating job opportunities both prior and in the 16 days of the Olympic game. However, after the Olympic, a new question raises on the post-Olympic sustainability and redevelopment: How to ensure that the area is properly sustained and redeveloped for the future instead of wasted? Social, environmental, and economical sustainability needs to be considered regarding post-Olympic sustainability. Innovative ideas, thought and real-life case study in strong demand!

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Deanna Coleman

I’m really looking forward to chairing the IOC this October; my final SaintMUN Conference! I’ve been involved in Model UN for over 7 years now, but my interest really took off at university. I have participated as a delegate and chair around the UK, and am also on the international secretariat team for the United Ambassadors. I love controversy, and therefore am really looking for some heated debate in our committee this October.


Luming Yang 

This is Luming Yang, an Agricultural Science student from the University of Edinburgh who aims to save this planet from all the chaos and disasters. UN is my future career goal and MUN is the steps I take before reaching that end. Identifies myself as passionate , friendly, and much more. Hope to see you all this October 2019!


John Barton

Hi! My name is John Barton, and I am a second year student at St Andrews. I participated in MUN during high school. One of the committees I did was the International Olympic Committee, and I’m hoping that you guys have a great experience with it just as I did! I like the TV show Survivor, doing yard work, and music. Good luck with your preparation for this committee, and see you in October! 

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