Single Cabinet Crisis | League of Corinth

SaintMUN’s flagship single-crisis committee is the League of Corinth, cabinet of Alexander the Great, hegemon of Macedon as he launches his historic series of campaigns in the Balkans and beyond. Following the assassination of his father, Philip II, Alexander has ascended to the role of King of Macedon and inherited the planned invasion of Persian Anatolia. It is now the task of the military and political leaders of the newly formed Graeco-Macedonian coalition to expand the borders of the empire effectively and intelligently, while staying ahead of the machinations of its savvy Persian adversaries. Delegates will be expected to pursue the interests of the League, while balancing them with their personal and local interests. This crisis is recommended for more advanced delegates looking for an in-depth and evolving simulation in an unorthodox historical MUN period. 


Growth of the Empire 

Travel back in back to the Iron Age for SaintMUN’s single cabinet historical crisis, and join Alexander the Great in establishing an empire greater than any before it. This crisis will put characters in supporting roles to the newly crowned king following the murder of his father, Philip. Several greek city states have seized the opportunity to rebel against the young Alexander and must be crushed. To the east, the Persian Achaemenid Empire plots to make the Hellenic people slaves in their ever-growing domain. It is the purpose of the Hellenic League to support the new king and repel the influence of the Persians. The only option is to take the fight to the Aegean and farther, showing the supremacy of the Hellenes to the world!

Background Guide



Director: Tom Freebairn

Sara knew I would take too long to get back to her so she has written my bio for me. I would describe myself as a big lover of communism, a comrade, if you will. I have boundless energy and enjoy annoying our incredible Secretary General in my spare time. I'm very excited for this Single Cabinet Crisis that Sara and I came up with over lunch at Bibi's one time. I have a small obsession with maps so plan on their being some super cool maps for you to work with! See you all in October! 


Backroom: Rhea

Hi! I’m Rhea and I’m a second year at the University of St. Andrews. I’m excited for SAINTMUN because it is an amazing conference that gets a lot of productive debating in. It is also in one of the most scenic towns in Scotland!! Go SAINTMUN.


Chair : David Rowley

David is a Masters student in Public Administration and will be pretending to be Alexander the Great all weekend, he’s really looking forward to working with, supporting and possibly assassinating a range of delegates at SaintMuN. This will be his third year of MUN, and he’s had the pleasure of acting in a variety of roles, his favourite being that of a tyrannical crisis chair. He is fascinated by history, and has a particular interest in the Ottoman Empire, especially in its later stages. This fascination has sparked a disproportionate obsession in Paradox Games, and he’s yet to meet a man with a higher Europa Universalis playtime than him (1,600 hours at time of writing)

Backroom: Soyoun

Hi! I'm Soyoun, a third year International Relations student. I will be Backroom for this Single Cabinet Crisis! 


I have been involved in MUN for the past five years and this is my fourth conference organizing as a secretariat. Just like other MUNers, MUN experience introduced me to the excitement of the International Relations and diplomacy. I sincerely hope this yearSaintMUN can also give you a key to a new road.   


Outside of my main study, I love learning new things! I`m practising Chinese and French, studying Psychology, developing an app and trying out many other random things. This upcoming year, you can find me teaching Korean in St Andrews. After all my work is done, I love spending my time reading, taking photos, riding a bicycle, playing badminton and going to galleries.